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Easybooks Success Stories

Since 2002, Easybooks has been providing Energy Marketing Systems to retail energy suppliers and our Energy Marketing Systems were used by a major retail energy supplier from its startup in 2004.

The Easybooks Energy Marketing Systems enabled this retail energy supplier:

  • To grow from zero to 228,000 customers in 18 months and meet all KPMG audit and stock exchange listing requirements for a successful IPO

  • To meet its quarterly and annual public company reporting requirements

  • To run weekly agent payroll for 1500+ agents for multiple Canadian and US markets

  • To downsize a substantial acquired retail energy supplier by converting its customer base to Easybooks within 6 months allowing for significant cost savings

  • To manage its growth to 580,000 customers in multiple markets such as Ontario, BC, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc

Easybooks Energy Marketing Systems continue to be used under license by this energy supplier for its energy related businesses.




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