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Easybooks online technology allows you to take advantage of anytime, anywhere access to minimize your Cost to Acquire and your Cost to Serve customers. Plus, you can expand into new energy markets much faster:

  • Easybooks enables Retail Energy Marketers (REMs) to get to market faster by providing critical financial, energy management, customer management and agent management systems with no significant upfront cost and minimal lead time to implementation

  • REMs could realize further significant savings in time and money by participating in the Easybooks Hosted Backoffice Service for some or all of their backoffice requirements

  • For existing REMs, with full backoffice systems and processes, the Easybooks Technology combined with our Hosted Backoffice solution will reduce your customer Cost to Serve and enhance your profitability. This solution restores the sales focus to your organization, if it has weakened over the years

We feel that current market conditions make the timing perfect for REMs to enter or "re-enter" the North American retail energy market. Contact us today for a FREE copy of our latest Market Entry Analysis and other information to help you assess the retail energy marketplace. See the Resources section of this website.


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