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Hosted Energy Back Office

In addition to our Energy Marketing Systems, retail energy suppliers have the option of selecting from a menu of Hosted Energy Back Office solutions to allow them to remain focused on sales.

Hosted Energy Back Office outsourcing options:

  • Level 1 - Easybooks Energy Marketing Systems plus new product & new market programming

  • Level 2 - Level 1 plus: IT Operations and Systems Security

  • Level 3 - Levels 1 to 2 plus: Processing and Agent Compensation

  • Level 4 - Levels 1 to 3 plus: Customer Service, Retention & Collections

  • Level 5 - Levels 1 to 4 plus: Supply Risk Analysis & Reporting, Procurement and Accounting

  • Level 6 - Levels 1 to 5 plus: Marketing (New product design and development, web site and social media)

For existing retail energy suppliers, with full backoffice systems and processes in place, we can stage your outsourcing to minimize the disruption to your energy back office operations.

We anticipate that branch office support, distributor/broker management, compliance, and human resources will remain in-house with the retail energy supplier but outsourcing options for these processes can also be discussed.



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