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About Easybooks Energy Services

Energy Marketing Systems:

  • Since 2002, Easybooks has been providing Energy Marketing Systems to retail energy suppliers

  • Easybooks is a proprietary, proven financial, customer & agent management system for retail energy suppliers which is highly scalable for all North American markets

  • Easily customizable for unique and flexible product offerings

  • Minimizes customer acquisition costs (Cost to Acquire)

  • Minimizes ongoing customer maintenance costs (Cost to Serve)

  • Allows for complete compliance control and audit

  • Complete transaction processing from application data entry to financial reporting

  • Approved energy marketing systems by major North American commodity supplier

Hosted Energy Back Office:

  • Full service Hosted Energy Back Office using Easybooks Energy Marketing Systems

  • Directed by leadership group than ran publicly traded North American energy suppliers and energy back office operations

  • Management group successfully built retail energy businesses aggregating over 1.5 million RCEs equating to >$1.5 billion

  • Expertise in multiple retail energy sales channel in markets with different commodities

  • Expertise in retail energy regulatory licensing and negotiating commodity supply

  • Strong relationships with key wholesale commodity suppliers



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